Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is a process that captures and utilises the waste heat produced by the electricity generation process.

Steam Generator

The heat can then be used to provide useful thermal energy – such as steam or hot water – that can be used for space heating, cooling and industrial processes. CHP plants are typically installed at facilities where there is a need for both electricity and thermal energy – including industrial sites, hotels, health clubs and leisure centres, commercial buildings and apartment complexes.

A CHP plant consists essentially of an electrical generator combined with equipment for recovering and using the heat produced by that generator.

A variety of fuel sources can be used in the CHP process – from both renewables and fossil fuels – including natural gas, coal, biomass, biogas and municipal waste.

CHP business benefits:

CHP typically has an efficiency of over 80%

Energy Bill IconOperators typically save around 20% on energy bills

Operators can save up to 30% on carbon emissions

Transmission and distribution losses are reduced

CHP increases fuel supply security

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