Small-scale hydropower provides a long-term way for businesses to generate their own electricity from water: a reliable, clean energy source.

Hydraulic power can be captured wherever a flow of water falls from a higher level to a lower level. Viable hydropower sites might include a stream that runs down a hillside, or a river passing over a waterfall or man-made weir. They could also include reservoirs, water treatment or sewage works – at the point where water is discharged back into the main river.

Hydropower currently produces around 20% of the world’s electricity and 90% of the world’s renewable power, according to the British Hydropower Association.

Business benefits of hydropower:

Consistent, predictable energy source: output varies gradually from day to day (instead of minute to minute), and can be predicted in line with annual rainfall patterns

Output matches demand: Output is maximum in winter – the time of greatest energy demand.

24 hour generation: Hydropower also generates electricity at night

Long term: Hydropower infrastructure can last 80 years or more.

Contributes to decarbonisation goals: by providing a clean, renewable energy source

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