Government outlines new corporate sustainability reporting rules to tackle greenwashing

The Treasury has set out new plans which will require some large businesses to disclose their environmental impact, in a bid to weed...

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Get your business in shape for COP26

Get your business in shape for COP26 by examining your company’s values and actions in terms of the official COP26 goals...

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The C-suite short read: what are the aims of COP26?

With COP26 fast approaching, claim, counterclaim and debate rage over its aims, political vision and how this will drive tangible change.

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Your 5-minute guide to the Paris Agreement

To get you up to speed, we’ve put together a quick explainer on the Paris Agreement, and why it’s so crucial that...

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Global business giants urge G20 to strengthen national climate targets and deliver on climate spending

Companies operating across the G20 have come together to urge governments to strengthen their national climate targets and redirect public spending to...

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Climate momentum at a standstill with only one country on target to meet Paris Agreement goal

The momentum on updating 2030 targets for climate action has stalled since May, with no major emitters putting forward stronger climate targets,...

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