About Project Net Zero

Our aim

Project Net Zero was created by Sustainable Energy First as a platform for climate action. The platform breaks down board level energy and carbon policy, net zero news and climate data, into plain English with actionable insights – so all organisations can make a difference to the UK’s goal of net zero.
Satellite image of earth. Net Zero
Corporate Net-Zero Standard: the world’s first official framework for businesses to set net zero targets in line with climate science

Why is Project Net Zero different?

We’re here to help educate all organisations in how to achieve net zero, so we can all work towards the UK meeting its 2050 net zero target with insights, resources and approved technology partners.

Powered by Sustainable Energy First

Project net zero is powered by the net zero team at Sustainable Energy First Ltd, one of the UK’s leading energy consultants. The team comprise of net zero advocates and communication experts alongside a suite of strategic energy and carbon optimisation professionals. We deliver accurate audits, actionable, strategic and appropriate commercial focused deliverable projects and assistance with program implementation.
Climate Change Heat Map
Project Net Zero Logo

We want to help you find the right pathway to reaching net zero – which inspired the compass design of our logo. And so we don’t lose sight of why, we chose our colours to align with the stripes on a global warming graph. Our logo is our identity, and it’s unique – just like your net zero journey.