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Why business needs to take Extinction Rebellion seriously

It’s easy for corporates to dismiss environmental activists. But given massive youth engagement, powerful social media reach and a compelling message, doing...


Judge orders Shell to reduce CO2 emissions by 45% within 10 years

A court in the Hague has ruled that Royal Dutch Shell must accelerate its carbon reduction efforts, in a landmark ruling which...

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Building back better: what does Green election success tell us?

Is the rise of the Green Party a sign that in 2021, people want more than just business as usual.


Where are we on the Environment Bill with 6 months until COP26?

Our climate reform is a ticking clock, and we still don’t have an Environment Bill to support change, 3 years from its...

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Behaviour change fundamental to reaching net zero targets, report shows

The UK’s net zero target is at risk without a substantial and sustainable change in corporate and public behaviour, a new report...

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New net zero framework applied by major investors across £8 trillion portfolios

Some of the world’s biggest investors have become the first to apply a new framework aimed at maximising their contribution to tackling...

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Cleaning up their act: what’s behind the move towards divestment?

It seems that a sense of urgency about climate change is driving a trend for large investors to divest themselves of “grubby”...

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Has Trump’s legacy harmed the Paris Agreement, and net zero for good?

So has Trump done lasting damage; is the US now on the back foot? What challenges does Biden face to bring a...


Corporate leaders commit to putting planet first by signing Prince Charles’ Terra Carta

Prince Charles is calling on corporate leaders around the world to sign a new “earth charter” which puts sustainability at the heart...