Solutions & Technology

Net zero buildings: how to get started

The sheer scale of the challenge can be daunting for businesses: where exactly should you start?

Economy & Finance

New funding for small businesses and charities to boost take up of electric vehicles

New UK funding for small businesses and charities to boost take up of electric vehicles has been announced.

Energy & Carbon

The price of fast fashion: Polyester’s carbon footprint equivalent to 180 coal-fired power stations

A new report from the Changing Markets Foundation is warning against the global fashion industry’s reliance on synthetic fibres, which are made...


January’s net zero highlights: BBC, PepsiCo and more

The new year saw some key net zero pledges from big business, including some ambitious announcements from energy intensive industries.

People Power

Cleaning up their act: what’s behind the move towards divestment?

It seems that a sense of urgency about climate change is driving a trend for large investors to divest themselves of “grubby”...

People Power

Has Trump’s legacy harmed the Paris Agreement, and net zero for good?

So has Trump done lasting damage; is the US now on the back foot? What challenges does Biden face to bring a...


Corporate leaders commit to putting planet first by signing Prince Charles’ Terra Carta

Prince Charles is calling on corporate leaders around the world to sign a new “earth charter” which puts sustainability at the heart...

Energy & Carbon

How can UK industry stay competitive with carbon pricing?

A recent White Paper from the Zero Carbon Commission made the case for the simplification of carbon pricing in the UK.

Energy & Carbon

How will hydrogen help us get to net zero?

“Do we want to be part of this energy revolution? We could have this wonderful opportunity coming out of this COVID-19 crisis.”...